Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Part 3

These 2 pages are of Kayden's things from the hospital such as her bracelets, also Carl's and my bracelets, her name tag that was on her crib and her hat. I also put some of her ultrasound pics. The onsie is the first one she ever wore. Underneath the onsie is the info sheet from her first Dr. visit at 3 days old.

The pages aren't in order yet because Im working them out of order. This is her first time at the Zoo. I used a nutural background and tore patterned paper so it looks like it was scratched by an animal.

I adore these 2 pages, I thought they were so pretty and bright. Full of great pictures. Thanks to a friends SLR Digital camera. 

Unfortunately I didn't take anymore pictures at the fair.  But with the paper having too many pictures would have been overload. 

My first 2 page collage. I think it came out great! We had so many parties to attend on Christmas so I tried to collaborate all the pics I could into 1... Its hard when we took over 200 pictures.

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  1. love how you incorporated ephemera into your baby album