Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life.... My new project

My friend Mallory Her Bloghas since I can remember been telling me about Project Life I finally got the OK from Carl to order it. I cannot wait to get it next week. If you like to scrapbook but don't have the time, this is the perfect idea. Please check out the web site, the video tutorials tell you all about it. Its amazing!!! I plan to use it every year. I want Kayden, Carl and I to have something to look back on in the future. What we have done, where we have been. You don't have to put a lot of time into this. I cannot recommend it enough!!!


Part 3

These 2 pages are of Kayden's things from the hospital such as her bracelets, also Carl's and my bracelets, her name tag that was on her crib and her hat. I also put some of her ultrasound pics. The onsie is the first one she ever wore. Underneath the onsie is the info sheet from her first Dr. visit at 3 days old.

The pages aren't in order yet because Im working them out of order. This is her first time at the Zoo. I used a nutural background and tore patterned paper so it looks like it was scratched by an animal.

I adore these 2 pages, I thought they were so pretty and bright. Full of great pictures. Thanks to a friends SLR Digital camera. 

Unfortunately I didn't take anymore pictures at the fair.  But with the paper having too many pictures would have been overload. 

My first 2 page collage. I think it came out great! We had so many parties to attend on Christmas so I tried to collaborate all the pics I could into 1... Its hard when we took over 200 pictures.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Up to date part 2

The next page in my book was the first page I did when I got started making Kayden's book. So its very amateur. 

I used a friend of mine's Cricut machine (this was before I got my own) for the letters. This was the only good picture I had from this day because I just brought Kayden home from the hospital 3 days prior. I will most likely be re doing this page. 

I got the layout from this page in a Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. I love all the colors and patterns I picked. I am very happy with this page. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Up to date...

The project I spend all my time on is my daughter Kayden's baby book... Or I call it her book of Firsts. So I wanted to be up to date with all the pages I have already done, and give a little bit of a description of each.. I'm going to add a few at a time.

The first page is actually a page I made for my pregnancy book
that I never really got around to finishing. 

I didn't really have a specific layout in mind for this page, honestly I never really do. But I wanted to make her ultrasound picture the highlight of the page. I think I achieved my goal.

This page was made using a kit that I completely forgot I even had. I wanted to use her announcement as the main feature for this page. I also used the diaper embellishments to make it more baby-like.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello those of you who have decided to check this out. I guess I should take the time to introduce myself if you don't already know me..... I'm Lindsey... obviously! I am a mommy of 1, a beautiful little girl named Kayden. I stay at home with her and wouldn't trade it for the world.
I got this whole blogging idea from a few of my mommy friends who also scrapbook. I hope they don't care that I'm copying them =) I use Facebook to show off my beautiful daughter and my scrapbooking work. So now I will do so here. I also love the fact that I can also describe my work, the process of putting it together, and receive feedback. I've designed my page to look like a scrapbook room I hope to one day have.
I hope you all enjoy.
My daughter and I